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Mr. Mirik Gogri

Previous Experience

Head of Corporate Strategy, Aarti Industries Ltd.
Co-founder of Humming Whale Product Innovations and Plancess Edu Solutions
Expertise in sustainable technologies and strategy development



Mirik Gogri is the head of Corporate Strategy for Aarti Industries Ltd. He has experience in overseeing corporate strategies, sustainable technologies, and commercial execution. Technological innovation remains at the core of his vision of shaping Aarti Industries' future in a sustainable manner.

Mirik is also associated with Spectrum Impact which is working with companies and organizations across the world to find solutions for Global Climate Goals. To achieve this, he has collaborated with companies operating in various sectors such as energy-efficient appliances, enhanced weathering for carbon capture, hydroponic farming, and aneutronic nuclear fusion, among others.

Mirik is the co-founder of Humming Whale Product Innovations and Plancess Edu Solutions. Currently, Mirik is also leading the establishment of a world-class Research and Development Center with 300 scientists and researchers.

Mirik is an IIT Bombay alumni with a dual degree in Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science. He has also pursued courses in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies from Stanford University.

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