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Dependable digital platform and an organized physical ecosystem, for Bioenergy supply chain

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Farmers: Get True Economic Value of Biomass

Rural Businesses: Set up viable business through participation in supply chain

Biomass Processors: Reach for supply side as well as demand side

Biomass Consumers: Supply Chain efficiency

Bioenergy Companies: Reliable Supply chain and Reach for
biofuel products

Biofuel Consumers: Access to alternate fuel sources

One stop Shop for Biomass & Biofuel

Supply chain participants

Transport Service Providers

Financial Service Providers

IoT based Quality Assurance

Empowering Rural Economy



Value Discovery



Agriculture crop residue, food waste and any other form of organic waste, (in general, “biomass”) has potential to be used for producing energy. Biomass can be effectively converted to biomass based power or bio fuel. Generating biofuel also produces useful by-products such as bio fertilizers.

India, by some estimates has 235 million MT of surplus crop residue. 100% utilization of this surplus crop residue can potentially lead to providing 17% of country's energy needs, creating additional source of income for farmers and creation of jobs in rural and industrial sectors.

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