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Careers at BiofuelCircle

Platform Operations - Value Added Services - Manager (Pune - Maharashtra)

The Value-Added Services team identifies the proper channel on the platform to nudge the participants to partake in the service offerings like Financing, Warehousing, Delivery Services, and Equipment Rental provided by the platform.

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Position Title: Platform Operations Manager - Platform Operations

Experience: 6 - 7 years

Educational Background: Graduate Engineer / MBA with Marketing or Sales Major

Key Purpose of the Role:

BiofuelCircle’s business revolves around B2B E-Commerce. The platform allows small and large industrial companies to sell/ procure biofuels using a secured transaction channel. The Platform Operations Support Team is responsible for end-to-end transaction support to subscribers. Platform Operations team is responsible for driving participation and creating opportunities for regular transactions on the platform for large and small buyers/ sellers, and industrial buyers for products and services offered by BiofuelCircle. The Role helps create liquidity and opportunities that could trigger transactions between buyers and sellers. In the scale up stage for BiofuelCircle, we are looking for candidates with experience in IT systems driven processes and strong analytical skills , to help create strong business processes in the company.

Key Tasks:

What Key Tasks will be involved?

  • Delivery Services

    • Analyse platform business funnel and operate tactical intervention model to upsell delivery services to existing subscribers.

    • Analyse delivery costs and structure transport contracts to ensure competitive advantage through delivery services.

  • Financing

    • Create POS intervention program for selling financing services to platform subscribers.

    • Provide tactical intervention through incentives to increase the share of financing services on platform.

    • Repayment operations for financing services.

  • Warehousing & Rental Services

    • Upsell warehouse services to subscribers in warehouse vicinity

    • Handle warehousing service transactions

    • Promote equipment rental services to subscribers during aggregation season

    • Operations of rental services such as deployment and usage.


Opportunity exists for a young and enthusiastic individual to grow with BiofuelCircle which is using technology to unlock the bioenergy potential of the country.

Supervision & Collaboration:

The position will be part of Platform Operations Team and report to Head of Operations Desk, and work along with the Logistics Teams, Sales and Procurement Desks, and Supply Network team

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