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Umesh Dasur

Head of Network Operations

Previous Experience

12+ years of experience in supply chain and project management



Mr. Umesh Dasur is an alumnus of IIM Shillong, where he pursued his Executive MBA.

An adventurer and sports enthusiast at heart, he loves mountaineering, white-water rafting, trekking, rappelling and golf. An extensive traveller, he has travelled to 18+ countries. A foodie, he loves trying out different cuisines across the globe. He is passionate about motorbikes and has travelled across Manali-Leh and Khardung-La on his motor-bike.

An extrovert, he loves to build long-lasting relationships. A motivator, he loves collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds.


Where does your passion lie?

I have a special interest in pedagogy, reading and the latest trends in technology.

What's next on your travel bucket list?

I plan on making a trip to see the Northern Lights phenomenon. And next, a trip to Kedarnath is on the horizon.

What are the life goals, you have set for yourself?

Go on a globe-trotting adventure with my wife and child to at least 100 countries. I aspire to pursue PhD and buy a luxury car in the coming years.

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